Thursday, 8 December 2011


First I will update you on my weight loss...I am down to 166.6 this morning, so down 1.5 pounds! I feel great! My pants are loose, my fiancee is noticing and I feel better then I have in a long time! It may only be a few pounds but it feels fantastic and I am going to stick with that feeling!

I thought today I would discuss oatmeal. I was one of those people who hated oatmeal, in any form, with milk or water, with brown or white sugar, with raisons or just tasted like paste. My fiancee religiously eats Oatmeal, almostly everyday and swears by it. I on the other hand, for years had either toast or a bagal with peanut butter, every morning, without fail. I am known as the carb queen by my family and my standard breakfast was so well known that when I stayed at families houses they ensured they had whole wheat (to make it kinda healthy) bagels for me!

One morning I was discussing why I hated oatmeal with my fiancee, while he chowed down on his huge bowl. I explained it tasted bland and like paste and the warmth of it didn't jive with the cup of tea I always had with breakfast. So he goes "why not having it for lunch or a snack?". I routinely eat out for lunch because I hate sandwhiches and nothing I make seems to fill me up like a wrap from the local deli. I then addressed the taste issue with him and he pulls out the huge bag of frozen fruit we have in the freezer and says "microwave for a few seconds and dump this in there, it sweetens it up...and always make oatmeal with milk".

So I packed my 1 cup of milk, with my half a cup of quaker oats (not the packaged stuff, true oats), with a little over half a cup of frozen fruit (blackberries, strawberries and blueberries). Lunchtime came and I dumped the oatmeal in, set it for a few minutes and walked away...DO NOT WALK AWAY! It exploded! To say the least! I caught it before it got really bad and salvaged my lunch, thank goodness I put my 1 cup of milk in on oversize salad tupperware container, otherwise the office would have hated me!

Anyways! I stirred my oatmeal, nuked my fruit, dumped it in, and stirred that for a good 15 secs. My first bite, it was ok, not super. Not sweet enough so I got some Splenda, half a packet and magic! It was DELICIOUS!!! Not only that but I could barely finish it and come late afternoon I was still stuffed. I didn't have an afternoon crash, didn't get super hungry and crave a junk snack, it kept me satisfied all day and because of the fruit and splenda the sweet tooth craving I usually have around lunch was nixed!

Also, it is the easiest lunch to make! It is now my staple! I even eat it for dinner occassionaly if my boyfriend is studying at school late. It has replaced my pasta nights as it nixes my carb and sweet tooth craving and keeps me full like a 600 calorie dinner!

One last piece of info, stay away from the pre-measured, little packets of quaker oatmeal. These really are gross and overpriced for what you get and look below these packages in the grocery isle and pick up a big bag of rolled or quick cooking oats for cheap! I will enjoy my lunch today...will you?